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"what's your favorite photo you shot and why? xo" - dutchafro

Why would you do that to me this is fkg too hard ! I don’t even have in mind all my photos and I can’t judge myself but YOU ALL tell me !!

Try  :  

- Women : Most of my Hanne Gaby’s shot are my favs she even becomes my fashion week muse. Black & white photo of Izabel Goulart bks at Etam… I actually took too many that I can’t tell

- Men : Cole Mohr’s ! As I said in the caption of the photo I was really hesitating to post it and I have few others I didn’t post yet ! Elvis and Justus taking a selfie with Karl; Ben, Abel & Andrew hailing a cab (former laptop screensaver for 6 months) ; one of my latests posts: Niall Underwood and Sang Woo Kim after Haider Ackermann (new screensaver),and so many I like actually… all those one representing a cute or a funny moment actually.

But YOU tell me ! I’d love to know wich one is your fav and why xx

"Do you prefer mens or womens fashion week?" - Anonymous

Interesting question I have been wondering myself several times. I guess I still don’t have the answer. Both are just different.

- During menswear, it’s less crowded and you can take your pictures (almost) as you wish. Men are more chill, make jokes and discuss with you sometimes. This makes everything easier and so cool ! But sometimes it can be the opposite, above all when they are in group, they are like why would you take a picture of me/us ? Personally, I hate it and it feels hard to continue what I do when they make you feel like the creepiest person on earth, and trust me this happened more than once… But the majority is nice and a few are even really really cool ! 

- Womens is like too overcrowded, you feel like it’s a big deal and girls are usually tired you can feel a bit of pressure. You definitely can’t take your pictures as you want as they are too many photographers and people around the subjects/models. But female models are like so so used to pose so it makes the thing easier, they often take time for the photographers. Also, I love it because of the the hair & make-up. There are always some surprises, some exclusivities and some girls I really want to shot. I also love this fashion week as everyone is reunited and we kind of make fun of the situations. This is the best thing during fashion week : meeting people having a different job but still in your field, seeing them once in a while, sharing this craziness but above all making fun of people cause trust me during FW you have some special ones.

Womens is too crazy to have time to understand what just happenned, there is always a something big going on and on. I’d say my best memories are at menswear. But I obviously like both as much but in a different way and would attend both as long as I want/can. Don’t know if all this make sense ? but thanks for asking this xx

lol @ the new ranking of

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